The Furness Steel Woven Fire Pit

£278.00 Inc VAT

Recommended by us – the The Furness Steel Woven Fire Pit is a great all-rounder!
Diameter 540mm – Height 360mm – Weight 30Kg

Made from 12mm solid round bar and 11mm wire rope.

The steel used on our fire pits has been coated with heat resistant paint and the wire rope is lightly oiled. The wire rope will gradually oxidise and turn a deep autumn colour. This process will speed up if the product is left outdoors between use, but will have no impact on the products durability.


This fire pit is constructed from 12mm solid round bar and 11mm wire rope. The steel is prepared in a heat proofed coating and the wire used is lightly oiled to ensure many happy years of use.

This is firmly rooted in the UK. This fire pit is produced to order by skilled craftsmen having years of experience in the steel fabrication industry.

This is a fire pit suitable for any location or occasion. From a small courtyard garden to socialising with a large group of friends. With it’s unique look, it won’t be just warmth it’ll provide – it’ll be something to talk about too.

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