How a Hot Tub can Benefit your Health

Hot tubs have traditionally been seen as a luxury extravagance; an indulgent place to relax, perhaps with a glass of champagne! However, there are also some important hot tub health benefits, which we will explain in this article.

The historic value of hot tubs

Our culture isn’t the first to recognise the social and health benefits of hot water bathing. The Romans created an entire culture around bathing, with important public baths in all major towns. Our city of Bath takes its name from the extensive Roman bath that once stood there, built on top of a natural spring. The warm, Jacuzzi like waters of a Roman bath were thought to have healing and restorative powers.

In the 21st century, the hot tub health benefits are in the following ways:

1) Reduces stress

The warm water and relaxing environment of a hot tub is the perfect antidote to that most modern of conditions – stress. The warm water eases muscle tension and stimulates blood flow to the brain and skin, while simultaneously reducing blood pressure.

2) Improved sleep

There is nothing more relaxing than a hot bath. When you add the space and soothing water jets of a hot tub, you get the added benefits of a massage. This can help still your mind and help you drift into a deep and restorative sleep, overcoming insomnia and restlessness.

3) Pain relief

Using a hot tub can give valuable relief to people with lower back pain, sports injuries, arthritis or general stiffness. The warm water can soothe discomfort and help patients regain a wider range of motion in damaged joints.

An accessible luxury

It is a common misconception the hot tubs are only an option for the rich or for people with large houses. This is not the case, as hot tubs are now an accessible investment for most budgets, and are available in designs to fit most living spaces. You may choose to have a hot tub in your garden or a small one in your bathroom. Either way, it is an investment decision that will be beneficial to your health in many ways.